Aaron Walker

Web & Application Developer

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Project Highlights


Restaurant Finder

This web application utilizes the Google Maps API to allow a user to search for a restaurant based on location and cuisine. If the user doesn't like the reviews presented, they are offered recipies so they may cook the meal themselves. NOTE: Google Maps sometimes doesn't want to load for the first time.



Hangman Game

This little game showcases my early abilty to create complicated logic. It also became a lesson in the age-old problem of ”it seems easy in your head until you start to create it.” The pictures of the U.S. national parks are one of my favorite parts.




A application with the goal of allowing a community or group to more easily ask and schedule help for each other. It utilizes a calendar engine for the calendar UI/UX, Socket.io for inner-group chat, and MySQL database together with user authentication. Built with a joint effort of a group of 5.

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam I will either find a way, or make one
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Other Projects


Bamazon Mk II

A mock storefront application that utilizes Node.js, MySQL, and SQL databases. Uses the Command Line Interface instead of HTML.



A twitter bot that tweets at AT&T when my internet speed is below acceptable levels. Utilizes Node.js, Twitter API, and the following NPM packages: twitter, chalk, and speedtest-net.



Coming Soon
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